Dog Carrier Chest Backpack 10 Colours!


You can get the ultimate hands free kit for your dog with our Dog Carrier Chest Backpack! Take your dog anywhere, anytime.  Perfect for walking, shopping, cafe, hiking and camping.  You can now put your dog in our chest backpack when he/she runs out of steam on those long walks.  Your pooch can still enjoy the walk with the best seat in the house and the best view.  

For the comfort of you and your dog, the Dog Carrier Chest Backpack has been ergonomically designed.  You can wear the backpack on the chest or back.  You can customise the backpack with the fully adjustable straps and the backpack is made from breathable and durable fabrics.  A built in leash is included.  Even your best pals tail has been thought of which can be poked through a special gap at the back.  We really have thought of everything.    

Your pooch has a character all of their own so there are 10 colours and 4 sizes to choose from.

Easy Care: Machine washable.

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Size Chart

Size  Chest              Back Length            Pet Weight      
Small             within 30cm          25-28cm         2.5kg
Medium           24-43cm            29-34cm         2.5-3.5kg
Large             36-50cm             31-38cm          3.5-6.5kk
X Large          43-63cm            39-43cm               5.5-9kg

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