Handmade Dog Snuffle Mat


Our quality, Handmade Dog Snuffle Mat encourage your dog to engage their natural instincts to sniff, forage and burrow. 

10 Minutes of Snuffling is Worth 50 Minutes of Exercise!

Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

For dogs who eat too quickly or have digestive issues, snuffle mats force them to slow down at meal time.

Reduce Your Pooch’s Stress 

Sniffing in particular has been shown to reduce a dog’s pulse and help your dog relax and self-soothe, which is why it’s a great practice to encourage via a snuffle mat.

Dogs just naturally LOVE to snuffle!

Sprinkle your dog’s dry food such as kibble, or treats over and in the mat and your dog will snuffle until every last piece has gone. 

The material is long lasting and the sturdy rubber base is designed to keep the mat in place while your dog is snuffling.

Easy Care: Hand washable and dry on a rack.

Size: Top 45 x 45cm, Base 30cm x 30cm

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