Handsfree Running Bungee Dog Leash With Pouch


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Our Handsfree Running Bungee Dog Leash With Pouch has been designed so you can take your dog for a run handsfree with the pouch comfortably fitting your Smart Phone, keys and spare cash.

ZERO SHOCK TECHNOLOGY: Designed using shock reduction improves control and cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog.

HIGHLY REFLECTIVE INTEGRATED TRIM:The highly reflective threads woven into your ZERO SHOCK Leash provide you with greater visibility and improved night safety.

FLEXIBLE AND SAFE:  Keeps Your Dog Safe: The Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash has a unique formula of flexibility and strength that dissipates quick forces and optimises comfort and safety for both you and your dog. When your dog takes off unexpectedly, you won’t get a bone-jarring shock and instead, the bungee effect of the elastic leash will lessen the impact on your arm and back?

The Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash With Pouch is perfect for young and energetic dogs.

Reduced Fatigue: Run, walk, or hike longer as the bungee works for you to eliminate wasted energy spent fighting to counteract unwanted forces.

Maximum Control: An extra control handle is placed close to the buckle of the leash for extra control.

Length: 140cm to 175cm 

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