Soft and Fluffy Plush Calming Pet Bed


You can spoil your pet with our super comfortable, Soft and Fluffy Plush Calming Pet Bed. 

Your pet will get a nice, big, soft, cuddly hug from our doughnut shaped bed.  It is designed to calm your pet with its raised walls creating a sense of security.  To ensure your pet has a super comfortable sleep, our beds are made from high quality, soft plush. 

Easy care: You can machine wash the entire bed in cold water followed by drying on the line.

Floor Protection: To protect your floors, the bottom is made from an anti-slip, durable, waterproof material. 

The product photos are the Small size.

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Size Chart

Pet Bed Size Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Pet Size
Small  50cm 30cm Up to 5Kg
Medium 60cm 40cm Up to 9Kg
Large 70cm 50cm Up to 18kg
X Large 80cm 60cm Up to 25kg

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