Washable Soft Cushion Dog Bed


Our Washable Soft Cushion Dog Bed provides your pet with a warm bed for your faithful companion to rest and sleep and also for him or her to cuddle, curl and snuggle. 

Easy Clean: This pet bed is fully machine washable.

With 2 Colours and 4 Sizes you are sure to find the perfect bed for your pet.

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Size Chart

  • Small: Length 45cm X Width 35cm X Height 7cm. For pets less than 2.5kg  
  • Medium: Length 55cm X Width 45cm X Height 7cm. For pets less than 5kg
  • Large: Length 70cm X Width 55cm X Height 7cm.  For pets less than 10kg 
  • X Large: Length 90cm X Width 65cm X Height 7cm. For pets less than 25kg 

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